The European Poker Tour tries to challenge

Poker players from United States are having a hard time finding reliable online operators willing to accept their business. Prohibitive legislation prevents them from playing freely from the comfort of their home, but at least they’ve got some of the biggest land-based tournaments.

The European Poker Tour tries to challenge all that and since it was created in 2004, it grew at an accelerated pace, becoming the most important event in Europe.

European Poker Tour information

European Poker Tour players come from all over the world, but not surprisingly, most of them reside on the old continent. Poker professionals and amateurs alike are swarming the tables and there are several television networks that provide ample coverage to this event.


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The three European cities where it all started are London, Barcelona and Dublin, with all of them still hosting major events.

Meanwhile, there are other stops where the EPT brings players together and all of them allow participants to accumulate points and compete for bracelets. There is also a lot of money on the table and with a total of 11 stages spanning over four days, action never stops and players will also have their hands full. There are no restrictions whatsoever in regard to who can participate, because as long as players have the necessary amount to buy-in, they can safely sit at the tables.


How to attend the European Poker Tour

Speaking of playing at the European Poker Tour, prospective poker players need to know that the buy ins range from tiny amounts to €10,000. This is a similar proposition as the one made by the WSOP and once again those interested have a choice between direct buy-in and qualifiers.

The first has the advantage of pushing things into overdrive as players don’t have to wait and can jump in the fray immediately.

Playing in satellite and qualifiers is a twisted path that sometimes goes nowhere, because players need to win several events before making it to the real tables. On the other hand, this is the inexpensive version and there is no shortage of people who end up winning the side event or even the main event after qualified from such tournaments.

Not only Texas hold‘em but also other variants of poker are available at the EPT tables and the most popular main event so far attracted in excess of 9000 participants