Betfair Casino introduces the latest Genesis Gaming slots

Online casinos that already have a comprehensive collection of slot machines, are not that hard pressed to add new titles or set up partnerships with software developers.

Betfair Casino players can already enjoy plenty of great games, yet the future looks bright for them, as many more will be added in the foreseeable future.

This is the result of the online casino signing an agreement with Genesis Gaming, a software developer famous for its great looking video slots.

The wheels are set in motion and they have started to produce effects already, with a couple of games being introduced in the first week of December. Temple of Luxor was the first one to hit the shelves and the fact that it has 50 lines to offer the possibility of combining 11 reels, is an excellent incentive.


There are four wild reels capable of triggering special bonus rounds and enhanced paychecks, so at the end of the day there are plenty of reasons to give it a try.

The software developers are equally enthusiastic about the newly released game and promised to introduce many more following the same pattern. What differentiates this game from many of his counterparts is that it has a 4×5 reel set and a combined 100 lines. Anyone who is even remotely familiar with the game mechanics of video slots, will surely realize the fact that these combinations are bound to result in great paychecks.


The game was developed with the intention of providing players a brand-new gaming experience and a huge reel set in the bonus. Even the free games can be re-triggered, so at least in theory a lucky player can spin the reels for free and with cash prizes almost indefinitely.

This meets the expectations of those who play often, as they are constantly on the search for the perfect hybrid, combining frequent wins with large payouts. Very few can afford to chase the elusive jackpots, if they don’t have a sizable bankroll.

Temple of Luxor is just one of the numerous games that made Genesis Gaming proud of this year and the software developer has a total of almost 160 games. Now that they are integral part of the Betfair Casino offer, it is only fair to expect that most of these games will be introduced shortly. It is also a fair assumption say that the games will be available on mobile devices, if you seek convenience and are the proud owner of a tablet or smart phone.